At Aimpeak, we understand the importance of giving back and we are committed to the human and career development of young talents. Our Corporate Social Responsibility aligns with Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) 4 (Quality Education) and 8 (Decent work and economic growth).

We want to contribute to the improvement of education and career growth of high school students, college students, and graduates.
Hence, we created major career development projects and initiatives.
Aimpeak Elevate
A career development training and career counseling initiative for secondary school students, where we train and counsel students in Senior Classes; on making the right career choice, moral consciousness, awareness to eradicate drug abuse, thuggery, cultism and more.

This initiative also involves a quarterly competition program among secondary schools, with a purpose to help these future talents develop their creative skills; in arts, public speaking, writing, and music. Consequently, this will arm them with more skills that will make them stand out and become very successful in their chosen career.

To enroll your school into this program. Contact Us. You can PARTNER with Aimpeak Elevate.
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Aimpeak LEVEL-UP
A career training and coaching initiative for fresh graduates, NYSC members, and undergraduates in various higher institutions.

The training scope includes; CV/Resume writing and development, benefits and consequences of social media usage, personal branding, acing the interview, emotional intelligence and many more.
Our goal is to prepare these talented undergraduates and graduates for the labor market. Businesses are in need of highly skilled talents for effective business growth and advancement. We want to ensure that these talents are ready every time companies are in need of them.

Through Aimpeak LEVEL-UP, we will also link the participants with major job opportunities.

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