Hard Skills and Soft Skills
April 25, 2020
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Leadership is simply the act of leading, it is the process of guiding, directing, and influencing the behavior of others to achieve set goals. Leadership can also be defined as the ability to persuade others to deliver their best in the realization of a goal. 

Leaders are visionaries, they develop a compelling vision and motivate others to achieve the vision.

21st-century leadership 

The digital age has led to the transformation of leadership. As the world is revolving and becoming global so are organizations and organizational leaders changing to meet up the demands of the current age. Today’s world is full of enormous complexity, accelerating change, and unforeseen and unprecedented events. 21st-century leadership is a perspective of leadership that responds to the challenges and opportunities of today’s world.

The leadership of this present age is multidimensional and integrative, its success lies in building relationships, sharing values, risk management, and constant learning. Leaders are to be self-motivated, possess the willingness to serve, be a strategic change agent management risk.


According to Manz, (1983) ‘All human beings are self leaders but not all self leaders are effective in leading’. Self-leadership is the practice of intentionally influencing your thinking, feelings, and actions towards your objective. Bryant and Kazan 2012. 

The ability to lead others starts from leading yourself. Self Leadership is the foundation of leadership. While Leadership focuses on influencing people in order to get things done, Self-leadership is the ability to consciously influence and manage one’s own thoughts and behaviors in order to achieve your personal goals. 

Self Leadership develops a great sense of who you are, what you do, where you are going, coupled with the ability to influence your behavior, emotions, and communication on the way to getting to your desired destination. It is a game of constant development of intention, self-confidence, self-awareness and efficacy to gain personal mastery. 

Self Leadership and personal development do not just happen on their own, they require constant practice, attention, and effort to make progress. Self-led individuals are disciplined, proactive, independent decision-makers with clear foresight, they are diligent and exhibit dedication in carrying out duties and towards the accomplishment of goals and objectives. 

Some qualities of self-leadership include the following; Self-disciplined, accountability, courage, humility, assertiveness, willingness, and integrity. 

Self Leadership is crucial for everybody, it’s important for both leaders and their subordinates, it covers how we deal with problems and accepting responsibility. Self-leadership can be developed by first knowing your values, strengths, and weaknesses. This can also be referred to as self-awareness.  

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