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Aimpeak Resources and Consults Ltd


Our company

Aimpeak Resources and Consults Ltd is a human development, business consulting and outsourcing firm. We pride ourselves in creating innovative solutions to the problems faced by many SMEs, individuals, professionals, and corporate organizations.

We offer a wide range of professional services in Business Management, Public Relations, Marketing, Project Management, Facility Management, Outsourcing, Supervision, Training and Development, Human Resources (recruitment, staffing, consulting, etc.); which are handled by our team of experienced and certified professionals with requisite knowledge in various fields/sectors.

We have a goal to position ourselves as one of the largest corporate services provider in Africa.

To be a globally renowned human development, business consulting and outsourcing firm.


At Aimpeak, we are committed and dedicated to the following;

  • To proffer lasting and innovative solutions to business and HR problems experienced by entrepreneurs, SMEs, and large organizations.
  • To make the world a better place by transforming the lives and career of youths in society, via bespoke career development training and services.
  • To contribute actively to the consistent availability of high valued talents needed in organizations on a regular basis.
  • HONESTY: We deal with all our clients and partners with truthfulness and straightforwardness.
  • INTEGRITY: We go the extra mile to deliver every promise made. We stay true to our words.
  • EXCELLENCE: We provide nothing less than the best in all our services.
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: Without our customers and partners, we are nothing. Therefore, we take it upon ourselves to meet their needs and solve their problems always, with utmost satisfaction.
  • PROFESSIONALISM: We hire the best, we retain the best and our services are delivered with the highest quality standards.
  • PARTNERSHIP: We believe that a tree cannot make a forest. We believe in the spirit of collaboration and partnership. Hence, we are always open to mutual and professional partnerships with individuals, organizations and even competitors. This is how we can truly make the world a better place.